Magazine “Earthquake engineering. Constructions safety”

The publisher is Russian association of earthquake engineering (RAEE) and protection against  natural and man-made impact (from 1995). Nowadays it unites more then 250 top specialists from 182 scientific, design and exploration, producing and educational organizations from all regions of Russia and CIS countries. The RAEE members are more then 120 organizations.

The main editor is Ivan Vedyakov, Ph.D in Engineering, Professor

The Magazin (from 1974) is a scientific and technical  issue covering the questions concerning constructions design, building and operation in seismically active regions of Russia and CIS  countries. 

First of all this magazin is designed to capture the attention of those, who are interested in problems and innovations in modern building science referring to seismic safety, that is to teachers, students, investors and  public authorities. 

The authors of our magazine are young talented practitioners, professionals, scientists, postgraduate students, known engineers, economists, ecologists, city planners, which are ready to share their experience and knowledge.

Regular features include:

          Technical regulation and design standards development 

·         Seismic safety in city planning.

·         Theoretical and  experimental studies.

·         Design, building and reconstruction of aseismic constructions.

·         Seismic safety and seismic isolation of buildings.

·         Seismic zoning.

·         Monitoring and certification of seismic constructions.

·         Seismic risk and damage.

·         Viewpoints.

·         Conferences. Symposia. Meetings.

·         Official documents.

·         News/Events.

Size: 210 x 297 mm. Periodicity is 6 issues a year.

The magazin is published in Russian. Additionally authors' names, article titles, annotations and key words are written in English.

The magazin is distributed by subscription and by special private dispatch among public authorities and companies - the members of self regulation organizations (SRO) from the RF and CIS countries.

Obligatory free copies are distributed to Federal Press and Mass communication of the RF, to Russian Chamber of Books and to the authors of published articles.

The articles sent to the editorial board, are to be reviewed. The reviews can be submitted to the Ministry of Education and Science of the RF on request.

We would be glad to see You and Your colleges among the authors of our magazine!